Submit a Site
There are two ways to submit your website to the All Oxford Free Directory:
Please ensure you have read and agree to the conditions on this page for submiting a web site before continuing with a submission.

Submission procedure 1
Select from a list of categories and sub categories, entering your site under the most appropriate category in the Directory.
If you feel your site would suit a category not yet in the All Oxford Directory you will be able to 'suggest a category' with your submission.
Click here to Select Category >
Submission procedure 2
On each directory page of this site there is an 'Add Your Site Free' button (usually in the top right of the page).
Navigate to the page you would like your web site to be listed on and click the button. This will then direct you straight to the submission page to add the details of your web site. By submitting your site in this way you will be able to see the types of web sites you will be listed with.

Web Site Criteria
Please note, for a web site to be accepted for inclusion in the All Oxford Directory it must conform to the below:
  • The web site must detail information in or around the city of Oxford in the United Kingdom.
  • The web site must not be under construction or contain dead links.
  • The web site must not forward to another, non-Oxford web site.
  • The web site must not contain illegal or offensive material.
About the Submission Process
Due to the nature of the All Oxford Directory being a Free resource we cannot guarantee how long it will take to review and publish your web site in the directory. Our validation team will however make every effort to review and publish all entries as soon as possible.

The All Oxford Directory reserve the rights to:
  • Change any content of a listing if deemed necessary.
  • Refuse any submission to the directory.
  • Remove any listing already in the directory if the web site's content changes to contrevene any of the required criteria.
  • Decide which category within the directory a web site will be listed under.
About the All Oxford Directory
The All Oxford Directory contains listings of web sites specific to the city of Oxford, UK.

The Directory is split into specific categories with sub categories to further divide the large areas in the directory. This gives each web site listed the maximum opportunity of getting found no matter how big or small.
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